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 **This is a wiki for [[https://​octaforge.org|OctaForge]],​ an open source, versatile 3D game engine.** **This is a wiki for [[https://​octaforge.org|OctaForge]],​ an open source, versatile 3D game engine.**
-There is not much content right now and registrations are disabled. The wiki will open up over time. +Besides user pages, this wiki also contains or will contain tutorials and engine documentation.
- +
-Besides user pages, this wiki will also contain tutorials and engine documentation.+
 ===== What can I do right now? ===== ===== What can I do right now? =====
-Not much, until more content ​is added. ​It will be added gradually as it's written+Content ​is already being added and registrations are openIf you want to contribute, you can register and 
- +take initiativeBut I would advise contacting me first (on IRC for example, q66 @ #octaforge @ freenode) 
-===== Will the content from Github wikis move here? ===== +before you doin order to sync efforts better.
- +
-Yesas long as it's still relevant. API documentation will also be hosted here and it will be available to everyone. Community will be able to improve documentation along with the developers.+
-~~DISCUSSION~~+Otherwise, there'​s a navigation panel on the left and a site map, plus the wiki is also backed by a 
 +[[https://​git.octaforge.org/​web/​wiki.git/​|Git repository]],​ which anyone can clone for plain text viewing, 
 +there is also a [[https://​github.com/​OctaForge/​OF-Wiki|Github mirror]] onto which you can pull request, 
 +the changes will be synced.
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