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~~DISCUSSION~~ ====== Welcome to OctaForge ====== **This is a wiki for [[|OctaForge]], an open source, versatile 3D game engine.** Besides user pages, this wiki also contains or will contain tutorials and engine documentation. ===== What can I do right now? ===== Content is already being added and registrations are open. If you want to contribute, you can register and take initiative. But I would advise contacting me first (on IRC for example, q66 @ #octaforge @ freenode) before you do, in order to sync efforts better. Otherwise, there's a navigation panel on the left and a site map, plus the wiki is also backed by a [[|Git repository]], which anyone can clone for plain text viewing, there is also a [[|Github mirror]] onto which you can pull request, the changes will be synced.

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